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  • Ring Nose Pin Package
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Ring Nose Pin Package


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Ring Nose Pin Package is the second most affordable package that we offer, which has two stunning products. One of the product is a shiny flower shaped diamond nose pins & the other is a gorgeous gold ring with emerald & diamonds in the center. This package will surely make you shine bright. So what are you waiting for? Grab this awesome package deal to own two beautiful products!

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Product Details

Diamond Nose Pins

Willing to buy diamond nose pin online? At Geet Jewellery you can get stunning diamond nose pins with awesome deals and offers. As you all know, diamond nose pins can be worn whenever you want, even on a daily basis. They can also be worn in every type of occasions such as festivals, anniversary, functions etc.

Different types of nose pins are available in the market in different designs, shapes, styles, sizes, materials etc. Stud nose pins, nose rings, flower shaped nose pins, three-stone nose pin and many more varieties of nose pins are available in the market. Flower nose pins can simply have only one diamond stone or more than four diamond stones in the shape of the flower. Sometimes nose pins have gems embellished in them and sometimes even a nose ring can have diamonds embellished in them. It all depends on you and your style. Check out the divine design of nose pins available on Geet Jewellery.

Diamond Nose Pin Designs

You can find a Diamond nose pin in three different designs, It's up to your comfort and choice. Some popular nose pin designs are – a screw nose pin; a hoop nose pin and a golden string or twine. 

About the Products -:

Nose Pin - No matter what, women always look undoubtedly beautiful whenever they wear a nose pin, keeping that in mind, we are introducing a package with a nose pin added in it. This "alluring flower shaped diamond nose pin" is so shiny that it will make you shine with it too. We have made all our packages while keeping in mind the everyday trends and that's why we bring this flower shaped diamond nose pin which has always attracted women from the starting.

Ring - Our second product is a compulsory one, which is a "gorgeous gold ring with emerald and diamonds in the center". This designer diamond ring which has a swirl like structure with diamonds and an emerald gemstone perfectly engraved in it. Emerald is a very rich color which brings out the best in you and that's why this ring looks stunning on every dress type. This diamond ring is a perfect choice for those women who want a ring which most of the other women don't have.

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