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  • rapunzel diamond package
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Rapunzel Package


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Rapunzel Package is everything you need as this package contains impossibly ornate diamond jewellery sets which are a diamond pendant, ring, and earrings. As this package is inspired by Rapunzel which is a character of one of the famous fairy tales, this package has the essence that will make you look like a fairy. Women looking for such dreamy jewellery should go for this package.

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Product Details

Diamond Pendants

If you want to buy diamond pendant online for your loved ones, then Geet Jewellery platform is the best choice for you. Here, we offer stunning diamond pendant sets with exquisite designs. Diamond pendants are the most loved jewellery accessories among women as they are light in weight and yet attractive in nature. That's why most of the people prefer to gift pendants to their loved ones.

Online diamond pendants come in varieties of style, shape, design, metals, etc. Pendants are the type of jewellery which fits in every type of outfits. Pendants with a thin strand can even be worn on a regular basis. Diamond pendants which are less ornate can be worn in small occasions like birthdays, festivals, small functions. Heavy and more than 2 strands diamond pendant can also be worn on big occasions like engagements, anniversary, reception, etc. People looking for enchanting diamond pendants online can check our jewellery store.

Unique Diamond Pendant Designs

A beautiful diamond pendant set has the power to make your outfit brighter and spectacular. At Geet Jewellery we make it easy for our customers as we bring together an array of diamond pendant set designs.

About the Products -:

Pendant- The second product of this package is a very essential product that is "an intricate diamond pendant". Every woman desires to have a pendant with detailed design in it and that's why we offer you a gorgeous diamond pendant which surely gives you a sophisticated look. You can wear this pendant set with matching bangles on any special occasions like wedding, engagement, festivals, etc.

Ring- The Rapunzel package contains three products in it and the first product is an "alluring flower inspired gold ring with diamonds in it". Our package contains this trendy diamond rings because of its never fading popularity. The exceptionally stunning look of this ring will make you fall head over heels for it.

Earrings- Our third product is a pair of "intricate diamond earrings in rose gold". These diamond earrings are impossibly ornate yet give you a simple yet sophisticated look and you can also wear them with the beautiful pendant which we are offering in this package. For women who want to look like a fairy from fairy tales, this package is perfect for them.

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