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Heer Package


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Heer package (Heer is a Hindi name for diamond) provides you four satisfyingly amazing products which are ring, earrings, necklace and necklace earrings. This package provides you two different pairs of earrings and that's why if you will buy this package, you will get the advantage of owning two gorgeous diamond earrings together, which is quite interesting, isn't it?

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Product Details

Diamond Necklace

Women are usually a big fan of necklaces that's why they just need an excuse to Buy diamond necklace online. There is a huge variety of diamond necklace set in the market and you can find any necklace you like.

Price of diamond necklaces depends on their weight, size, number of diamonds engraved, decoration, etc. It's your choice whether you want a less ornate necklace or a necklace that if full embellished with diamonds. Women use to buy diamond necklaces according to their need. For instance, if they want a necklace for her sister's wedding, she will buy a diamond necklace set online which is fully embellished with diamonds and in some cases gemstones too. Find out captivating diamond necklace only on Geet Jewellery.

Unique Diamond Necklace Set Designs

If you are looking for a unique diamond necklaces set design for your own function, wedding or engagement. Then Geet Jewellery is one of the best places to buy diamond necklace set online.

About the Products -:

Designer Necklace Set- The most essential product of this package is a "stunning diamond necklace in yellow gold". The design of this diamond necklace set is quite popular among all the women as these type of necklace are always trending which means that they are always high in demand. Wearing this diamond necklace will make you look like a star because of its sparkling shine.

Necklace set with Earrings- For completing the package, we offer you "gorgeous diamond necklace earrings" as the forth product of this package. These matching diamond earrings are designed while keeping in mind the design of diamond necklace set. These diamond earrings are as sparkly as the diamond necklace and will contribute with the necklace in making you look like a star or you can say celebrity.

Ring- First product of this package is a "beautiful peacock inspired diamond ring" which makes it the most wanted product. The ring has a peacock design in the mid which is surrounded by a fur like structure which means it is wholly inspired by peacock. This ring will surely help you make a bold statement. You can use this ring for engagement purpose also.

Earrings- Second product is simple yet alluring "diamond earrings" which is best suited with ethnic wears. These earrings are inspired by traditional jhumka and that's why it has jhumka like design with small flower designs with it. These earrings are little long in length and its structure looks like a reverse S alphabet. This alluring design will add grace to your appearance.

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