The engagement ring is not only a ring that represents your engaged in relationship status, but it also reflects your style and personality. Although classic colorless diamond is the perfect fit for most of the brides-to-be, yellow diamond engagement rings are making impressions increasingly nowadays.

Reasons to Buy a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Here are some of the excellent reasons that support yellow diamonds as a perfect choice.

Valuable Investment

Yellow diamonds are highly sought after diamonds because they are extremely rare. Some of the world’s famous diamonds are yellow. For example, the well-known Cora Sun-Drop Diamond (110.3-carat), a pear-shaped yellow diamond was sold for $10 million in the year 2011.

Yellow diamonds are rare yet accessible in terms of ‘fancy color’ diamonds.


The price of yellow diamonds also makes them a perfect engagement ring choice for people looking for a unique yet affordable option. The price of a yellow diamond depends on the color and the size of the gem. You can find your favorite shade without blowing up your budget.

Options in Hue

Yellow diamonds are found in a variety of shades from fancy light yellow to deep yellow diamonds. That means you can choose the one that complements your style and skin color. Some “impure” yellow diamonds have color combinations that orange-yellow, green-yellow, and brown yellow. Want your ring to be one in a million? Choose one of them.

Beautiful Pairing with Other Gems

Remember Carrie Underwood’s gorgeous canary yellow diamond engagement ring from Mike Fischer in 2009? It is the best example of how beautifully yellow diamond combines with white diamond. Moreover, it looks fascinating with other gemstones of various colors.


Diamond cuts decide the final appearance of a diamond. The yellow diamond is compatible with multiple diamond shapes, and you can decide the cut as per the way you want your gem to look. The best-selling shape in yellow diamonds is the round brilliant cut. Nonetheless, princess cut and cushion cut are also known to give the stone unique and antique feel.

Remarkable Heirlooms

Passing of diamond rings within generations is a common tradition in several cultures. Yellow diamond heirloom rings retain their identity and memories attached to them even after resetting as a process of reviving. On the other hand, if you buy a new yellow diamond engagement ring for the first time, and want it to be shared as a tradition to your next generation, it will become an amazing heirloom that everyone will remember.

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