why to invest in white gold jewelry

White gold jewelry, nowadays, becoming increasingly popular among women as a beautiful alternative to traditional jewelry. But what exactly is white gold? Well, white gold is an alloy metal made up of pure gold and alloy metals, such as silver and palladium. White gold jewelry is generally coated with another precious metal rhodium. Considerably, Rhodium is from the same metal family as Platinum. Rhodium plating gives white gold an amazing brilliant shine making it a beautiful ideal metal for jewelry.

Purity of gold

People usually have doubts about white gold whether it is pure or not. Let us help you clear it to an extent. Since pure gold is very soft, it is not a great choice for making jewelry to be worn regularly. Almost all of the gold jewelry you see is actually alloyed with harder metals like copper and silver in order to increase durability and making gold suitable for jewelry. Similarly, the alloy used in rose gold includes a higher percentage of copper giving it a pinkish tint. So you don’t have to be worried about the purity of white gold.

Does the gleam last long?

Now, the question arises if the rhodium plating lasts long? There are many variables that affect the life of your jewel’s rhodium plating; moreover, it can differ from person to person. Every person’s body reacts differently to the metal, hence the plating’s life may vary for distinct people. However, by following some cautions, you can make your jewelry sparkling for a long time.

White gold is a perfect choice for any jewelry piece especially engagement rings. So, if you are looking for an economical alternative to platinum, white gold will not let you down. One can hardly tell the difference between white gold and platinum due to their almost identical resemblance.

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