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There is no such woman who doesn’t like gemstones and diamond jewellery. They are like that most valuable piece of accessory for the wedding where everyone set your standard in their mind according to that. Even all the advertisements say that it’s clearly a woman’s domain. Jewellery is the one which helps men in getting their one and only attract more towards them.

Beauty of Gemstones

You must be wondering about what quality of gemstone just woo’s all the woman and make them fall for the man who gifts it to them. So to help you all with this question, we collected a few views from some women on what they like the most about gemstones.

According to Smriti Kashyap, a gemstone is all about sparkle and beauty. Also, she memorizes it as a mineral which she had read about in the chemistry class during her school times. Smriti is absolutely right as the gemstone is a naturally occurring stone which is precious because of its monetary value, then what all the fuss is about?

As per Aashika Mehta, a gemstone has various unique qualities when it comes to color and rarity which makes it a precious stone. Reeta Mahajan defined gemstones as per their color such as emerald is for calmness, blue sapphire for power, ruby for feminine-ness etc. Priyanka Ambani feels that gemstones are attractive due to their beautiful hues and imperfections.

Mysterious Gem

So what makes a gemstone look attractive? Its look, shine or color? The answer is the combination of all three. But there is another crucial fact about gems which you can’t ignore. There is a belief which has been passing on from decades to decades. The belief is that gemstones are good for various facets of life such as health, prosperity, love life etc.

Astrological gemstones are claimed to bring positive changes in the life of its wearer. Gemstones are exceptionally beautiful and colorful stones which are used in jewellery for their healing property. This is believed by everyone and works in real too.

Real Allure

The saying that “Diamonds are forever” is absolutely true as they are the most famous stones. Diamonds are used as family heirlooms which are passed to the next generations. A diamond is surely a girl’s best friend as it is the key symbol of love and affection and the one which is celebrated the most.

The beauty of a diamond is impossible to resist. The crystal lattice of diamond which is the hardest substance makes it unique. While wrapping up all the slogans made for diamonds, the bigger the better is the one which is made for those women who love big diamond.

Sonali Jain confesses, “I was not really into gemstones till the moment when my fiancée got me a diamond. I was not much fond of jewellery but after owning the two precious rings (proposal and engagement ring), I fall in love with them as they make me feel the prettiest girl alive. Every girl dreams of feeling this at least once in her life.”

Hence proved! Not just the beauty of diamond matters, but also the real feeling and emotions of the wearer which are attached to it. Some girls wear it for confidence and some for beauty. Perhaps, this is why every woman prefers gemstone and diamond jewellery as they never go out of fashion.

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