vintage diamond jewellery

Vintage diamond jewellery can be treasured for a lifetime & saves your money as well. Thinking that the jewellery has an interesting history behind it can make everyone attract towards it. There are many types of vintage diamond jewellery present in the market, from art decoration to Edwardian vogue. We have listed some reasons behind why you should buy vintage diamond jewellery:

What’s better? A Brilliant Cut or A Miner’s Cut Diamond

A Brilliant Cut Diamond Is More Desirable Than a Miner’s Cut Diamond

The Miner’s cut has a higher value as it’s rare to find. Although, due to lesser facets in a Miner’s cut diamond, less light refracts through the stone. Now when you compare this diamond with a brilliant cut one that has a greater number of facets and smaller culet, it shines much more than that.If the diamond engraved in vintage jewellery features a brilliant cut, it will look exceptionally alluring and sparkly.

Combine a Clone Vintage Engagement Ring with A Wedding Band

If you want to buy vintage engagement ring, then you have to make sure that it matches and compliment your wedding band as well. There are some of the brides who wish to own a wedding band that contrasts perfectly with their engagement ring. If you own a vintage engagement ring, you would not have to worry about matching wedding band as any of them will suit flawlessly with it.

Authentic Vintage Jewellery Has More Wear and Tear

Each piece of vintage diamond jewellery has a history embedded in them. If the jewellery comes with an interesting history, it becomes interesting to wear. Authentic Vintage diamond jewellery in any form may have problems related to diamond and its structure as they are really old. But if you opt for clone vintage jewellery, you can enjoy both antique and unique style with better structural morality. This means that you would not have to get the maintenance of the jewellery as often as the authentic vintage jewellery.

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