marcasite jewellery

Marcasite Jewellery is the jewellery with unique designs embellished with marcasite stones engraved in it. Marcasite stone is an authorized gemstone which occurs naturally. It has an astonishing shiny metallic glow. Marcasite jewellery has a brassy shade with grey-green strips or pale bronze shade. This opaque stone is positioned at 6-6.5 on the hardness scale.

Types of Marcasite stones

Marcasite stones are available in many more shapes and sizes from Square cut, Baguette cut, Rose cut, Round table cut, Round brilliant cut, Fan cut, Shield cut, Checkerboard cut, Honeycomb cut, Dome cut, and Peak cut. In fact, marcasite jewellery does not contain the marcasite mineral but iron pyrite. That’s the reason why the name Marcasite is acquired from Pyrite which is an Arabic word. As it looks just like iron pyrite, jewellery from this mineral is known casually as marcasite jewelry. Although, real Marcasite cannot be used in jewelry as it can collapse into powder easily.

Iron pyrite is strong enough to stand up well to dings and scratches for years. Therefore, it helps consumers in finding vintage pieces of fine quality in good form, years after they are made. Pyrite is a polymorph as it can take the form of Marcasite and has the same appearance, chemical composition, and physical properties as Marcasite, however, has a different structure of the crystal. That makes it very difficult to differentiate between the two. Pyrite can be discovered in various parts of the world, but just a few fractions of it is acceptable for the process of cutting to form marcasite jewellery. Only accurate polishing and cutting approaches can shape the crucial beauty of the stone and offer a classic and sparkling finish.

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