ways to style up your vintage jewelry

Are you a vintage jewelry lover? Do you have a lot of them but no idea how to fashion it up? Here we are with a style guide to make your vintage jewelry look always astonishing.

Remember, the current fashion is all about fusion. Wearing your beautiful vintage piece with modern fashionable jewelry will definitely going to be a head turner. Hence, find your pretty heirloom piece and style it with a modern jewel to make a statement.

Stack your rings to create bling

Rings are unquestionably the most embraced jewelry of all time. You do not require to have any particular occasion in order to embellish your fingers with these tiny hoops. If you love wearing rings, you must be having an abundance of them. Wearing a single ring is considered to be an old-school trend nowadays. Pick your lovely heirloom ring or rings and stack them up with ultra-glam fashionable rings. You can choose to wear them on different fingers as well. This combination of vintage jewelry and modern jewelry is worn together to bring an exclusive and fashionably elegant look. Therefore, never be afraid to team up your old rings with new ones in a completely unique style.

Layered necklace

Accessorizing necklaces have been reached to a new level these days. You might have noticed celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Zoe Saldana graciously sporting layered neckpieces recently on several occasions. They carried the style with an utterance, and we cannot resist following this ultra-chic trend. The more diverse your necklace combinations are, the better they look. This is the time to layer your statement heirloom pieces with a contemporary necklace or a number of them. Wear your classic gold chain pendant with ultra-modern style choker or try different length necklaces. Wearing gold and silver together gives a new definition to stacking.

“Old” is the new “New” these days. You don’t need to go through a lot in order to stand out of the crowd. All you need is to find your vintage jewelry and try styling them with modern style pieces.

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