check diamond authenticity

One of the worst nightmare of everyone is their diamond jewellery turning out to be fake, in which they have spent their hard earned money. There are many corn artists present out there who are selling a piece of plastic or glass, claiming that it is diamond. So, in order to avoid becoming a victim of such corn artists, you must know how to recognise a diamond’s authenticity:

Certificate of Authenticity

Before purchasing any diamond jewellery, you must request for a certificate of authority and if they do not have it, then don’t risk it.


Keep one thing in mind, if a diamond is mounted, you cannot see through to its bottom because of the way the light passes through ,many facets of the stone. And also, it’s a fact that when you will place a real diamond face down upon a magazine, you cannot see the writing. So follow the same step and if the writing is visible, it is surely a fake one.


Other two quick and effective ways to spot a real diamond is to look how much it sparkles in light and how much you can see through it. A real diamond is suppose to develop gray and white color inside it, when held to the light and can also reflect rainbow colors (fire) onto other surfaces. Rainbow colors will appear within the surface of a fake diamond when held up to light.

Simple Test

You can also use a simple test at home only, to recognise if a diamond is real or not. You just need to fill 3/4th portion of a normal sized drinking glass with water and drop the loose stone into that. If the stone sinks, it’s real and if it floats, it’s fake because a real diamond has high density.

Heat Resistance

If you have a fake diamond with you, its glass will shatter when it will come close to a heat source. If the diamond is real, it will not get harmed.

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