types of princess cut diamond engagement rings

The princess cut diamond engagement rings are the rings which have a square design diamond engraved in it. It commonly has pointed corners, though in some cases, they are more rectangular in shape too. This stunning square shape ring is referred to as a fashion-forward and modest choice of diamond. The enchanting princess cut engagement ring is the second most famous ring after the round diamond engagement ring. That is the reason why it is loved by many women. Here are some of the different types of princess cut rings for you:

Cathedral Engagement Rings

cathedral engagement rings

This princess cut cathedral diamond engagement ring features a brilliant solitaire in its best form which is engraved in a cathedral setting. The curves of this ring in the band which is comfortable to fit forms a delightful effect that will make her feel elegant and gorgeous which she already is. This princess cut ring is the most wanted rings for engagement. There are varieties of princess cut cathedral rings available in the market in the different type of metals.

Ruby Engagement Rings

ruby engagement rings

Ruby is basically a gemstone which is red in color. This stone represents nobility and has been highly worn by royalty for decades. According to many ancient cultures, rubies were said to be more precious than diamonds with respect to both virtue and value. This princess cut ruby diamond engagement ring is all about celebrations of its values and the fact that it is the perfect choice for engagements. So, don’t wait, just buy a princess cut ruby engagement ring and propose your one and only because nothing gives the true feels of a proposal more than this piece of beauty.

Three Stone Princess Cut Engagement Rings

three stone princess cut engagement rings

Just like the saying, “the more the merrier” the three stone princess cut diamond engagement ring will surely add more sparkle to your life. And what is better than a proposal with this ring? You surely feel a lot of emotions altogether as this ring represents the beginning of a beautiful journey of you with your partner. Ring with a stone in it looks stunning. But a ring with 3 stones positioned carefully in it to maximize its brilliance has the ability to make everyone go “Wow”. Additionally, more than one stone makes the ring exceptionally shiny and alluring.

Emerald Engagement Rings

emerald engagement rings

The jewelry you wear should be unique and the one which you can treasure for life. This princess cut emerald diamond engagement ring is one of its kind. The best part of the emerald ring is that you can wear it on all occasions such as the wedding, birthday, own personal milestone of life and any other celebrations. Each facet of this gemstone is flanked with the sparkly round diamond accents. This ring is finished with a polished shine and that is why it is destined to treasured. The style, price, size, etc. varies from store to store.

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