six trendy payal designs

Indian weddings cannot be visualized without captivating jewelry. Every bride craves to have the most desirable jewelry trousseau for her big day. And why not? This is not an occasion that comes repeatedly in one’s life. Payals are traditional jewelry pieces worn in feet which are considered to be a sign of a family’s devotion towards their daughter. You can find payal in various designs in this blog we will talk about some trendy Payal designs.

The history of payal travels from late back to the ancient rich and diverse culture of India. Derived from old Ghunghru, and sported by graceful dancers of the royal era, payal is a much lighter ornament, and an essential to complete an Indian woman’s look. These pretty foot ornaments have a great traditional value in Indian culture, and it is a fundamental jewel from the renowned prototypical “Solah Singar.”

Here are the trendy payal designs adored by Indian brides in current year.

Walk like a queen

What can be prettier than magnificent precious stones crafted in beautiful broad metal stripe and adorned with tiny Ghunghru? This payal alone is enough to bring an expressive splendor to any wedding attire. This is the most trending payal design on social media currently as a perfect blend of style and tradition.

Light is bright

These are slender and delicate payals attached with an artistic toe ring. These are so lightweight that you will not even notice they are there. However, alluring enough to magnify the beauty of a bride’s henna applied feet.

Traditional Ghunghru inspired silver payal

Silver had always been favored metal for anklets and payals. Even nowadays, it is the only metal used for payal in some parts of the nation. These amazingly crafted payals are comprised of a lot of tiny Ghunghru supported by traditional silver anklets. The ultimate noise generated by walking while wearing these sounds lovely.

The conventional gold to sprinkle little glitter everywhere

Gold can never be overwhelmed when it comes to jewelry. Brides, who are tradition lovers, this set of gold payal is a classic choice. Inspired by south Indian art, these exquisite payals are manageable and lightweight.

Kundan embellished design

Kundan is a gemstone that is used in Indian jewelry since the inception of our civilization. For those wanting to keep it simple yet attractive, these payals with minimal and unusual patterns and astonishing Kundan work are an unbeatable choice.

Suspended detailed payal to rock your isle walk

Designer pearl strings and suspended stones make these payals appealing. Specially designed for the modern Indian bride, this superb piece of jewelry will be close to the heart for lifelong once owned.

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