trends of diamond jewellery for men

Celebrities like Kanye West and Justin Bieber have the biggest contribution in making the diamond jewellery for men popular with passing days. From diamond studs to heavy diamond necklaces, there are a lot of varieties to select while buying diamonds for men.

If you are searching to either shop for a diamond for your partner, then take a look at this buying guide that we’ve compiled to assist you.

Square Cut Diamonds

You may think princess cut diamonds made for just women but they are quite a famous style among men as well. Men’s diamond ring is usually bigger and heavier as compared to women’s rings, and a square cut diamond is thus the best option as it has a bold look. They look elegant without being very impressive, and they look good as they are engraved into a big, chunky band.

Further, in spite of looking for a brilliant round cut earring, princess cut diamond earrings offer you with a sophisticated alternative.

Bezel-Set Diamonds

It is usual these days to see a number of diamonds in a man’s ring band. Bezel-set stones are a famous option since they offer awesome benefits to men with an active lifestyle. Stones with bezel set are completely surrounded and level to the sharp corners of the metal. This secures the stone in a safe place, not permitting it to get loose or fall off. Going Further, bezel settings won’t tear your dresses and are hence one of the best options. You can even go for jewellery having a semi-bezel setting. This can help to increase the shine of your diamonds since it permits more light to enter the stone. Scallop set ring has the power to grab attention as it has perfect semi-bezel setting.

Colored Diamonds

Colorless diamonds are always in trends, but if you are willing to stand out or your, choose a colored diamond. Pink diamonds have been gained popularity among women, however, yellow and black diamonds are the most fashionable for men. Diamonds classified in the range of D through to I are the clearest, however, diamonds that are ranged somewhere between K and Z are yellow in color.

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