reasons to appreciate diamonds

As per market research, youth tend to choose non-diamond accessories over diamond engagement rings and other diamond jewellery. They mentioned some reason behind it such as concern with short of funds to buy diamond jewellery, processes of ethical mining, and commonly having different priorities over a diamond. We know that most of the women love colored gemstones like amethysts, ruby, and emeralds from the starting. Some of them start loving them after they get them. Some women love them because of their rich history and stunning properties.

We have collected some of the information about diamond facts and trust me they made us appreciate each and every diamond, whether they are small or large. So, we are presenting you those top reason to appreciate diamonds as they are worth the appreciation and no matter what style, beliefs or preference you have, you will surely love them after reading this blog.

  1. Out of all the diamonds which are mined worldwide, only around 30% of them are gem-quality diamonds. You must be wondering about what does gem quality mean? Let us tell you that gem quality diamonds are not just like any diamonds. They are the type of diamonds which are worthy of being cut into specific shapes for embellishing them in jewellery. Rest of the 70% diamonds are utilized for industrial objectives.
  2. Did you know? All diamonds are a minimum of 99 Million years old. Imagine, the diamond you are wearing has existed longer than your own existence, it feels good right? That’s the reason why diamond represents never-ending love.
  3. Graphite and diamonds are made from the same carbon atoms. Although, graphite is very soft material and easy to destroy. But diamonds are the hardest substance and difficult to destroy. It’s all because their carbon atoms are structured and linked differently.
  4. An Internally Flawless (IF) diamond which is also known as a D color diamond only features .001% of the world’s production of diamonds. These close to being perfect diamonds are exceptionally rare, even in the weight of small carat.
  5. In outer space, diamonds are common. As per the many websites, researchers have made a strategy for searching diamonds in space which are just a nanometer (i.e. a billionth of a meter) in size. These kind of diamonds are very small in size which cannot be fit in an engagement ring, but it might help scientists to know about the occurrence of life on Earth.

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