Top Five Jewelry for your Corporate Avatar

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of an office? A disciplined work atmosphere with people devoted to work, dressed up in formal attire. But, have you ever imagined how excellent your office attire can look just by adding some exquisite jewelry to it? Trust me – there is no harm in sprinkling some glitters to your dull office routine. It’s an old trend to only consider your outfit when it comes to an office thing. Now, you do a lot with your office wear and look stylish even at your workplace. All you need to keep in mind is the limitations such as how much is too much and the office vibes.

You love to wear jewelry, and cannot resist it while going to the office either. Jewelry not only makes you look good but have you feel superlative about yourself, and helps to boost up your confidence. We totally agree that for a working woman, it is never easy to conserve some time for a head-spinning task like jewelry shopping. However, we would like to help you out with some jewelry ideas in order to make the process a bit less tiring for you.

Top 5 Jewelry Items

Classic studs

If you are a jewelry lover, there is no possibility that you won’t be having a lovely pair of studs. If you are planning to buy one, small hoops or studs are recommended as you have to attend phone calls at your workplace. Geometrical patterns with a centralized diamond are the perfect selection for formal attires. Bring the style on with a pair of rose gold flower design studs with your white shirt and grey pencil skirt look. You can match them with a delicate chain as well.


Yes, you heard it right. They may sound dramatic, but a pair of danglers will give your office appearance a quick lift. The little inched-danglers are an absolute choice for your workwear as they shine you up with their simplicity and elegance. Do not go for enormous size, fancy-looking, or pieces with an extra sparkle as you don’t want to be a topic of conversation for all humiliating reasons in your office. Moreover, they will obstruct you while working. Small dangle earrings look amazing with your ethnic outfit chosen for office wear such as a Kurti.

Pendant with chain

Choose a small diamond pendant with a delicate chain that is suitable for a work environment. A classic solitaire pendant complements your overall look without grabbing unnecessary attention. These accessories, when combined with formal shirts, create a smart statement look. Platinum pendants with sleek texture are gorgeous to wear as an office wear jewelry. Avoid wearing huge and eye-catchy pendants at the workplace.

Fine bracelets

Your hands are the most active part, especially when you are working on a computer or giving a presentation. They obliviously grab the attention towards them. Hence, you must beautify them with an alluring fine bracelet. Chunky and huge bracelets impede hand movements and make it difficult to type or do other tasks. Therefore, it is best to dodge bracelets with long suspending details. You can go for a charm bracelet instead provided they are not adorned with tinkling bells or considerably big charms. A fine bracelet with minimal embellishment will be appropriate for office wear.

Delicate rings or bands

The ring is a piece of sophisticated jewelry that enhances the beauty of your hand movements without making it difficult to work. These are the thoughtful and designer piece of office wear jewelry that suits any of your office outfit. A hoop with asymmetric and intricate patterns will leave you wanting for more glance. Opt for a fine delicate precious metal band to keep it minimal yet classy. You will not require another ring as a simple circle is enough to uplift your mood. Regardless of what attire you have chosen for the day; the ring is perfect jewelry to get teamed up with it to give you a majestic look.

It is all upon you what style of jewelry you choose for workwear. Nonetheless, the piece needs not to turn out to be a distraction for other co-workers or a struggle while working for yourself. Choose easy to maintain and comfortable accessories such as a pair of studs and delicate chains instead of going for chunky bothersome ornaments.

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