diamond wedding rings

A diamond wedding ring represents the long-lasting commitment of love and that’s why it is worn on the ring finger of the left hand which has the vein of love. Christmas is the most popular season of engagements where people start to think about stepping on to the next chapter of their lives. The next chapter here refers to getting engaged. According to research, 31% of people refers to Christmas Eve as the best day to propose as after that come the period of the wedding season.

Just after the engagement, the wedding planning and wedding bands are a very crucial thing. It is because you will wear wedding rings every day to represent your commitment with your partner. Check out some of the top diamond wedding rings for your partner.

Women’s Wedding Rings

Wishbone Diamond Wedding Ring

Looking for a unique wedding ring? Go for this perfect wishbone shaped wedding ring. The specialty of this ring is that it features seven stunning diamonds and it matches perfectly with a solitaire engagement ring as well. This diamond wedding ring is available in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Designer Diamond Wedding Ring

For something elegant and fashionable, opt for this amazing white gold diamond engagement ring which has a twisted design. Tiny diamonds break up the glossy metal, giving it an exceptionally gorgeous appearance. This designer wedding band will surely compliment any type of engagement ring. It is available in rose gold, white and yellow gold.

Diamond Infinity Wedding Ring

This diamond infinity wedding ring is an ideal ring which represents empowerment and everlasting love through its design itself. Fascinating right? This wedding ring will go with every engagement ring. You can also make your ring truly unique by selecting platinum, yellow gold, rose or white gold.

Men’s Wedding Rings

Concave Diamond Wedding Band

This gleaming concave diamond wedding ring exhibits masculinity and glamour. If you are more into modern rings and not a traditional one, then opt for a wedding band that matches your style and makes you sparkle with it. This awesome diamond ring has seven astonishing diamonds embellished in a concave setting. Do you know what the best part is? It will also compliment your partner’s diamond wedding ring. This ring is also available in rose, white and yellow gold.

Round Diamond Wedding Ring

If you don’t want a classic band, then go for a round diamond wedding ring instead. This alluring wedding band also has four color choice which includes platinum, white gold, palladium, and yellow gold. Space between seven amazing cut diamonds form a splendid aesthetic for this diamond wedding ring.

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