Some people like to walk along with others, and then there come the fashion lovers who do not hesitate to reach out any distance to achieve that distinctive charm. Here, we would like to discuss the second category – people with out of the box choices. Everybody loves engagement rings, and why not? These brilliant hoops are going to be with you forever and wherever you go. Flaunting the affection, and encircling the love of a couple, these beautiful rings make every viewer’s heart pounding.

There is a whole range of beautiful unique engagement rings for people after quirky and distinctive designs (Being a classic style admirer is fine though). In this post, you will get a brief about the top nine unique and astonishing engagement rings.

Top 9 Engagement Rings Ideas

The crown style ring

A crown for a queen – what else could make this ring extraordinary? Every woman is a queen and deserves to feel like it. You can customize the stones crafted in the crown if your girl has a different taste of stone other than diamonds. The same goes with the metal ring as you can get your ring customized with different colored metals complementing the stone color you have finalized.

Criss-Cross rose gold pave

These beautiful rings are intricately designed with split shank baskets. The split bands crafted with smaller diamond pave, create a most stunning display astride a criss-cross. This contemporary design produces an all-round sparkle. Rose gold is marking its presence as a metal symbolizing love and romance. No strange this facilely pretty ring is the preferred choice of unusual design lovers.

A multi-colored ring

Sometimes, bringing different colored elements together can turn out to be enchanting. What about a lovely ruby and emerald studded colorful ring? Colorful stones create an alluring hue that lasts forever. Go exploring the world of numerous comely shades of stones.

Heart shaped Morganite ring

Feel like ditching the typical diamond ring this time? Morganite rings are perfect for you. The elegant blush pink shade of heart-shaped Morganite makes you fall in love over and again. The color of Morganite suits almost all skin tones and its identical appearance to pink diamond is a complementary feature. The heart shape represents the romance between you and your loved one.

Ring accompanied by band/bands

So, you are confused about whether to gratify her with an engagement band or choose a beautiful ring instead? Here is an idea. Why not go for a combination? A big rock solitaire supported by two diamond wedding bands on either side makes it a perfect choice to express your love.

Spinel trilogy

Spinel is a wonderful rare gem which is often confused for sapphire and ruby (Spinel is rarer than these though). A three-stone ring or trilogy adorned with a light green tinted spinel looks distinct and magnificent. You can use different color gems as supporting stones.

Kite shaped ring

You don’t have to stick on cliché round ring patterns anymore. Since you are the one looking for something creative for her, this geometrically designed diamond ring in kite shape carries an entirely new world in it. The central stone in such rings is surrounded by metal claws (in a kite shape) and crafted with smaller diamonds for an all-round gleam.

Aquamarine Solitaire

Want to overwhelm her with a unique yet elegant ring? Aquamarine solitaire ring will certainly not let you down. This amazing light blue stone, itself is enough to catch all the attention with its radiance. Manifestly, classic solitaire is a favored choice as an engagement ring. Overturn the diamond with aquamarine stone for an ultra-glamorous look.

Zig Zag stack ring

Stack rings are a trend nowadays. The zig-zag ring can be stacked to illuminate the complete look or can be worn solely for a classic look. The zig-zag design of a band gives the ring a unique and charming appearance to drool over. The metal band can be paved with diamonds or other stones as per the choice. You can create a stack of different color precious metals (for example, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum) for a rainbow spell.

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