7 Toe Ring Designs

Toe rings are a traditional type of jewelry that is nowadays ruling not only Indian woman’s trousseau but slowly taking the entire globe’s hearts away. This cutesy toe ring is worn on one or more than one toe.

Let’s start with the traditional values first. Toe rings have been a piece of meaningful and important jewelry in Hindu culture, that represents the enduring relationship of a woman with her soul partner. This is gifted as a token of good luck, affection, and best wishes from parents to their beloved daughter at her wedding. This is believed to bring prosperity and peace in the bride’s life when given (especially in silver metal)

Generally, it is worn on the second toe due to spiritual importance and beliefs. However, with the time, the designs and wearing styles have been changed from classic to chic.

Top 7 Toe Ring Designs

Adorn your toes with style

Toe rings are the latest trend of the current era. Let’s have a look at the latest toe ring trends that you might want to try.

Diamond crafted in silver

Silver metal is a prominent choice when it comes to embellishing your feet with jewelry. Besides the traditional values affiliated with the jewel, it is a profoundly loved metal due to the shine and marvelous excellence, it provides to your toes. This design usually comes in an adjustable ring, making it a must-have. The diamonds studded in the ring grant an extra sparkle to your walk.

Gemstone toe ring

Gemstone toe rings make an ideal gift if you are looking for one. Gemstones jewelry is meaningful and extraordinary. You can choose the gemstone according to the birth month of the wearer. For example, a Tourmaline or Opal’s toe rings for October born or a turquoise gemstone toe ring for December born is an appropriate gift.

Toe ring with infinity design

These beautiful and delicate toe rings are great picks for casual wears such as a skirt or a dress. The infinity design represents confidence, eternity, and enduring love. Made with sterling silver or platinum, these rings are simple yet stylish.

Toe ring with Anklet

The beautiful anklet in such toe rings is attached to the ring with a delicate chain or a designer beaded strand. The anklet’s floral design is studded with colorful gems that make it look adorable.

Heavy design toe rings for weddings

These enormous toe rings are inspired by the royal Rajasthani design. Since toe rings hold specific importance in traditional Hindu culture, a bride must adorn her feet with these beautiful hoops. This Rajasthani floral design gold toe ring studded with emerald as the center stone and white gems around it in a floral shape gives the bride a royal look. It looks stunning when combined with a lehenga with traditional embroidery work.

Elegant single strand Toe rings

Needless to explain these gorgeous toe rings are a fabulous accessory for your regular outfit. This sober-looking toe ring is made of gold and gives a simplified look to the regular wearer. Made of a single strand of gold and without any further details, this toe ring alone is so captivating that you will not be able to resist it.

Traditional silver toe rings

These toe rings are a contemporary version of classic Indian Bichhia. It is designed especially for Indian brides to make their overall appearance more engaging. Furthermore, cute silver jingles are dangled from the ring to create a musical effect while walking.

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