Titanium is a durable and shiny metal that is becoming quite popular nowadays as a preferred jewelry metal, especially in men’s wedding bands. It has already established itself as an impeccably strong metal by successfully being used in engineering and aerospace industries.

Titanium is a grey-white color metal, almost identical to platinum and cobalt in appearance. It is so simple and easy to polish it throughout the lifetime of the jewelry. Titanium jewelry is lightweight yet enduring, which makes it perfect for regular wear. Besides, it is tarnish and corrosion resistance. Titanium jewelry is hypoallergenic as well which makes it perfect for those with an active lifestyle. What else one could ask for?


It is recommended to take off your jewelry when using chemicals as titanium is a natural element and gets affected by harsh chemicals. You need to take special care of your titanium jewelry when cleaning it and avoid chlorine-based or other cleaning products. Use soap and warm water solution instead to clean it with a soft clean cloth. Keep the jewelry safe in soft cloth bags or original boxes to prevent them from routine exposures, when you are not wearing them.


Despite being a strong metal, Titanium is prone to scratch to a certain extent. However, it can be polished easily. Most of the titanium jewellery stores offer free polishing once or twice after the purchase. Moreover, polishing rejuvenates your jewelry and gives the jewelry a brand new look more than just fixing scratches.


Titanium alloys do not contain nickel or cobalt which most people (ones with sensitive skin) are allergic to. This makes titanium jewellery safe to wear. Although Titanium has hypoallergenic benefits, it might cause some sort of skin conditions in some people, especially with sensitive skin. It is advised to immediately remove your titanium jewelry as soon as you discover signs of allergy or irritation.

Titanium can be resized, filled, polished and engraved with the help of special equipment. The notable point about titanium jewelry is that pure titanium can be scratched and bent like gold and silver.

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