design your own engagement ring

Design your own engagement ring for your partner is a lovely gesture to show your love and commitment. Design a perfect engagement ring by closely working with a jeweler. You will have to give yourself in two months and select a setting and stone which reflect your partner’s personality and style. While you work with a jeweler, make sure to get proof of the ring and a written contract to ensure you get the best ring.

Planning in Advance

  1. Start planning two months before

Begin looking for custom diamond engagement rings two months before the day of your engagement or proposal. At least a month is needed to finalize the perfect design and place the order with a jeweler. It is because it will take around six weeks to make a ring after you place the order. This way you will have a brand new diamond engagement ring for her with you before the big day.

  1. Set a budget

The first thing you need to do before designing an engagement ring for her is to set a proper budget. Making a budget will help you narrow your choices and think properly about what gemstone, design, and settings you want according to that. Those with a lower budget can look for a jeweler who will let you buy the engagement ring in installments.

  1. Know that a custom ring needs more investment

A custom engagement ring is costlier than a pre-set ring because it requires more work and time. People who are tight on the budget should go for a pre-set ring instead.

Collect all the Essential Details

1 Styles, cuts, and gemstones for your fiancé-to-be

  • Before you think of designing a ring for your love, consider finding out what your partner’s preferences are. For that, you can do window shopping and make your partner choose several rings to know her preferred styles, cuts and gemstones. You can also check some trending ring designs on the internet.
  • If you are going to propose your partner and want it to be a surprise, ask a trusted family member for guidance.
  • Take note of what your fiancé considers in jewellery, she like the designs to be simple or more ornate. Also, take note of what type of metal she prefers. Don’t forget to check the preferred style, cut or gemstone.

2 Close watch on your fiancé-to-be’s jewelry

  • Notice the kind of jewellery that your soon-to-be fiancé use to wear. See what metal color she wears silver, gold, or rose. By keeping in mind that, select a setting which mirrors your partner’s preferences.
  • Select a metal among platinum, white gold, or stunning silver if your partner prefers silver jewellery a lot. Similarly, if she like gold jewellery more, select rose gold or yellow gold.

    3 Gemstone which reflects your fiancé-to-be’s personality and style

Form a custom engagement ring with different types of alluring gemstones from multi-carat diamonds to small opals. Select a gemstone with a style and cut that mirrors your partner’s style.

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