Meaning of Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

Every diamond engagement ring is special, and so is its meaning. Although all diamond shapes are beautiful enough to capture one’s attention with their sparkle and hue, pear shape stands out from all. Pear-shape diamond engagement rings are an excellent option for people who are looking for elegance and uniqueness together. They show a captivating sense of style of a woman who chooses them as an engagement ring’s center gem. Let’s get to know about this amazing diamond shape and style a little more.

The beautiful design

Pear-shaped diamond rings have a center stone that imitates a teardrop. It is pointed at one end and rounded off at another end. It is the only diamond cut that comprises of round brilliant cut and marquise cut in a single style. It is great to have a length 50% more than the width of a pear shape diamond to give the stone shape a mesmerizing look. There is not any standard length to width ratio for pear-shape diamonds though.


Like every other shape of a diamond in an engagement ring, pear-shape diamond engagement rings also have an ancient history. It would not be too much to say that history’s most talked-about legendary diamonds include this dashing diamond cut. The widely famous Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond engagement ring that was gifted by her then-husband Richard Burton had a massive 69-carat pear-shaped diamond in it. The price of this alluring gemstone is approximately a whopping 20 million dollars. The pear-shaped diamond was first introduced to the jewelry world in 1475.

The special meaning

Well, we love to capture every moment of our life whether it is a grand one or a small moment of joy. These pictures are shared and cherished even after years; therefore, modern women wish to stand out from the ordinaries. If you are a bride to be, and you have a different fashionable taste. Moreover, if you do not want an engagement ring like everyone else, you will love the pear cut diamond ring.

The teardrop shape of such diamonds in an engagement ring is said to be representing the tears of joy. The love and care you receive from the special one that makes you shed the tears of happiness, cannot be symbolized by any other diamond shapes.

So if you are a modern, self-dependent, and empowered woman having a sense of romance and elegance, the pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is especially for you.

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