keeping diamond jewellery safe

Diamond jewellery is the last thing that anyone would want to get stolen because of the emotions and investment they put in it. But the one frequent question that comes in everyone’s mind is that is it really safe? According to the latest report, so many property crimes were committed last year and around 1/4th of them were quoted as burglaries.

So, here are some of the steps to follow for keeping your diamond jewellery safe:

Security system

This is one of the common step that people use to follow, to protect their house from these kind of theft. Installing alarms, cameras, or motion detectors is surely a smart way to reduce the chances of theft.

A lock box or safe is must

Sometimes you cannot even trust an individual that comes regularly in your house or someone living in the house. You never know what can happen next.

For that, the safety of your diamond jewellery is must. For this, you need to store your jewellery in a lock box or a safe to secure them instead of storing them in your jewellery box or somewhere unsafe.

Hide your Jewellery

If you think that after using a lock box or a safe for hiding your jewellery, will remove the risk, then you are highly mistaken. Thieves always make a proper plan, before doing a theft. That’s why, even after applying the above step, your jewellery is not fully safe.

For that, you need to hide the lock box or safe box cleverly in a secret place, where no one can find it. The thieves may not know how to open it, but they might know the person who can help them open it.

Insurance policy

Insuring your diamond jewellery will help you cover the damage caused to your jewellery from burglary. Insure your diamond jewellery with market leading insurance company.

Stay home when needed

If you are scheduling your repairs and other housework, then you need to be present at the particular period of time. If everything will happen in front of your eyes, no one can steal anything and it will give you peace of mind too.

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