square diamond engagement ring stand out from the crowd

Traditionally, a square cut diamond, (however, there are other square cuts namely emerald cut, Asscher cut and radiant cut) also known as Princess cut is the best option to have a square shape diamond with the exact brilliance as a round shape. It is the second most popular fancy diamond cut after round cut especially for engagement rings. Square diamonds rings are the perfect modern choice to celebrate a special occasion like engagement. Square diamonds are a modern yet timeless style and an ideal combination of unique formation, glittering outlook, and relative price value.

Here are the three most popular styles in square diamond engagement rings.

Beautiful Square Solitaire Rings

Solitaire engagement rings have always been the first choice among couples since it is a beautiful way to signify the special moment. So why not a princess cut solitaire? Although it is not very often to see a solitaire with square diamond, square shaped diamonds have a sparkly pretty surface area which emphasizes the prong setting (a princess or square cut diamond should always be set with prongs in order to protect the four corners.) Square solitaire engagement rings are the best choice for those looking for something out of the box.

Square Halo Engagement Ring

Halo setting add glamour to your engagement ring if you wish to get stick to a square diamond halo ring. It provides an extra brilliance to your classic square solitaire and give it a 360-degree shimmer. Do not worry about the diamonds in halo band taking the attention away from the solitaire as it only complements the center diamond and enhances its uniqueness.

Three stone engagement ring

Three stones symbolize the couple’s past, present and future making three stone rings considerable among them. You can customize your engagement ring by changing the settings of the stones as per your choice. Moreover, if you love to do experiments, select different color or cut of gem for the supporting stones to your central square diamond.

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