various reasons behind a diamonds toughness

Diamonds may seem sparkly and luxurious, but these gorgeous stones hold an interesting form of chemical too. Getting to know about your diamond and its structure may help you in developing an admiration for its stunning look. It is commonly known as the earth’s largest natural substance.

Let’s take a closer look towards diamonds to understand its form.

Structure of a Diamond

Sparkly and beautiful appearance of diamonds is the key reason behind their popularity. It is also known for its royalty. There are some of the scientific reasons behind its unusual luster as well as toughness. Mother earth has filled some of the most spectacular fusions of elements to create something that’s not only spectacular but indestructible too.

Diamonds have a three-dimensional shaped structure made from atoms of carbon. Each carbon atom has four electrons in them, which makes a diamond the hardest substance. It is difficult to destroy as the carbon atoms connected to four electrons of another carbon atom. The Tetrahedral arrangement of carbon atom makes the diamond-strong and shiny. As it leaves a gap in the bonds for allowing the light to come through it and reflects the light when it hits the atoms.

Implications of a Diamond’s Firmness

Beliefs of people about diamonds being indestructible substances is a complete misconception. For most purposes, diamonds are said to be very strong. But as there are exceptions in every case, small shaped diamonds like 1-carat ring or so, might chip. It can chip if we hit it against the wall, which will bring its value drastically down.

The firmness of a diamond and it being scratch proof depends on its crystalline perfection and purity. For example, diamonds which have a lower clarity level are considered to be less hard. And other substance can scratch them. Whereas, a diamond which is harder, can be scratched by another diamond only.

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