Right Hand Diamond Rings are a Trend Worth Following

Everybody is well informed about the significance of engagement ring worn in the left hand’s finger. However, you do not need to find someone special to sport some precious jewelry in your hand. This is the recent trend which is swinging the diamond world – Right hand diamond rings. You might have not heard about a diamond ring for right hand. No worries! You will get all the information you need about these rocking hoops in this blog.

How it became a trend?

In some countries, such as Turkey and Syria, it is a tradition to wear a promise ring on the right hand which is supposed to be replaced by the wedding ring on the wedding day and switched to the left hand.

Undoubtedly, modern women do not wait for the perfect partner to enter their lives. She is independent and just wants to have some twinkling bands. This gave a boost to the popularity of right hand diamond rings.

Diamond rings tended to be reserved for women who are married or engaged though. Right hand diamond rings are much more than that. These are to celebrate a woman’s independence.

How to choose the right hoop for right hand?

There are a plethora of styles for you to choose from and this makes right hand rings amazing. This ring represents your unique persona, so the choice would be yours. Do not let any fashion trend influence you and make sure that the style is your own. Antique diamond engagement rings, spiral rings, stacking rings, fancy diamonds, and gemstones rings are the most admired styles of diamond rings for right hand.

Currently, right hand diamond rings are most likely to be made with white gold, yellow gold and rose gold with a 14k variant. These rings will fit your budget and make you feel independent.

Which finger deserves to be the wearer?

Well, it depends on the style of the ring. Mostly, the oversized rings can be promoted by wearing on the index finger. Stacking rings give you an option to wear one ring or two in each finger. Rest styles can be worn as per your priority and comfort.

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