When it comes to elegant engagement rings and jewelry, the pear shape is considered the best option from all other diamond cuts. Be it a solitaire, a halo, or with supporting stones, pear-shaped diamond engagement rings look exquisite in any style. The pear shape is a delicate combination of round cut and princess cut. People who look for distinctiveness in everything, adore this diamond shape.

How to Choose a Pear Shape Diamond?

Although pear-shaped diamond looks great in all settings, it displays its best when it is combined with smaller round accent diamonds or other non-oval diamonds, like a pave set. Sometimes, it is set with larger diamonds in jewelry (Especially in customized jewelry). Nevertheless, the larger diamonds tend to take away the grace of its natural charm.

Just like any other diamond shape pear cut diamond has also its advantages and downsides. Have a look at the pros and cons of choosing a pear-shaped diamond.


The pear-shaped diamond is an amazing composition of beautiful aspects of various other diamond shapes (round and princess cut mainly). This combination proffers the diamond with a unique and luxurious appearance. Undoubtedly this Unconventional Shape looks astonishing in any type of jewelry, drop pendants and earrings look outstanding if embellished with pear cut diamonds. The lower demand for this shape results in a better supply of beautiful pear shape cuts for the fabulous engagement ring you want.


There are not many designs available in pear-shaped diamond engagement rings, therefore, it becomes difficult to find a perfect ring with a pear-cut diamond. The pointed tip of the diamond can be cracked or chipped if not taken care of properly. The unusual shape does not help in offering a great range of styles in such diamonds either.

The pear-shaped diamond is significant and most admired by women with the unconventional taste in a diamond shape.

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