perfect metal for diamond wedding ring

While looking out for a diamond wedding ring in the market, you must have an idea of the metal or materials you want to have in your wedding ring. The sparkle of diamonds matters but the type of metal used in the ring is important as well. The overall appearance of a diamond depends on the quality, cut and metal of the wedding ring. The choice of metal is important because some metal highlights certain qualities of the wedding ring but some can also diminish them. So, while comparing or searching the type of metal you want, make sure that you take a few things into account.

Cost vs. Maintenance

Average people spend a huge amount on their diamond engagement ring or wedding ring, but it’s the metal you select which has a huge effect on the final look. If you have a good budget, then platinum metal is the best choice for your diamond ring.  It is one of the purest, strongest and rarest metal on the earth and that’s why it is really expensive. It’s also extraordinary hard and dense, which means it needs less maintenance to be done in the long period.

The second metal option for you is gold which is used commonly for diamond wedding rings. The diamond rings with gold metal are less expensive than the platinum one, even if it comes in the same weight, design, and size. Most of the antique wedding rings come in white gold metal. Another metal option is Palladium which is rapidly becoming famous because of its similar structure and looks like platinum. It has an added advantage of having a lesser price tag. Besides the fact that Palladium gives a similar shine, it is not as tough and dense as platinum.

Amount of Color used

The metal which you use for your ring can highly affect the look and shine of your stone. For a crystal clear and bright shine, choose white metal such as white gold, platinum, or palladium. If you want to buy a wedding ring, then look for the rings with bright metals as they enhance the sparkle of the diamond engraved in the ring. Although, yellow gold color metal makes the diamond of the ring look classier. If you want to buy one of the top wedding rings with a unique and eye-catchy look, go for a diamond ring with rose or black gold metal.

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