one line diamond necklaces

The single line diamond necklaces capture the significant moments and memories of your life conserving the everlasting charm of diamonds. These are probably the most admired piece of diamond jewelry across the globe because of their classic looks. One line diamond necklaces are usually a stack of same sized or different sized (depends on the design and style) diamonds beautifully stringed in a metal or other wire or perfectly crafted in a straight neck strand. The number of strands depends on your choice as there can be multiple diamond stacks in one line.

In a single line diamond necklace diamonds run its entire length. It is worn without a pendant mostly and sometimes paired with diamond studs yet adds style to whatever you are wearing. This necklace alone gives any woman a classy and rich look without a need of any other accessory. You can buy the one with big-cut diamonds or small-cut diamond depending on your choice and need.

There are several metals used to craft the diamonds in a row as different people have different metal priorities. However, the most loved metal type for single string diamond necklace is platinum or white gold due to the color compatibility of these metals with diamonds.

These necklaces can be styled with another single strand neckpiece if you do not like to keep it simple on a specific occasion. It looks amazing on any type of attire you wear from a gown to an ethnic sari. Probably the best part of these jewelry pieces is that it flaunts the style sense of the wearer. Regardless of what you are wearing these neck strands are a cherry on top to your appearance.

The jewelry you wear becomes a part of your impression appearance; moreover, it becomes less of an accessory and more of a part of you.

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