Ring tray is something that draws your attention at the last moment of a wedding or engagement planning. However, it is an accessory for such events you cannot move forward without considering. It may sound strange but the ring tray is as important as your wedding ring because it enhances the charm of your wedding or engagement ring presentation. Love is not only about taking care of each other’s choices but it is also about considering these tiny details. Undoubtedly, you will do all those things that your partner admires. But, have you ever thought of presenting the beautiful ring to your partner in an out of the box way? Well if you can hear tinkling sound in your mind, we are ready with ideas!

Sea-shell ring holder

If your girl is fond of marine life and believes in mermaids and mermen stories, she will fall in love with these poetic oyster shaped ring trays. They are available in different dreamy colors and materials.

Rings in a decorated photo frame

A photo frame will always be there to keep your memories alive in form of pictures even after the engagement or wedding is done. A little cushioned photo frame carrying the ring looks adorable.

Tree branch ring platter

A gorgeous piece of art for your art lover partner. The branches of this miniature tree will be carrying the amazing hoops of your enduring love. It can be used as a decorative piece after the event.

Birdcage ring holder

The exquisite design birdcages dangling from a flowery bridge and having the rings inside them represent the love birds who are keen get indulge into each other.

Fairytale inspired plate

You can add glitters to your ring tray by adding some feathers, pearls, a chariot a love monogram, and a cute couple to complete the story. A tray that will take you to the fairytale span. After all, your story is no less than a Disney movie.

LED tray

How about lighting up your tray with small colorful bulbs? It will transform your boring ring holder into a stunning one. Add some flowers to give it an unusually gorgeous effect.

Elegant wooden heart shaped tray

Simplicity at its best. If you want something out of the box yet sophisticated, this is a tray to catch your attention. Decorate the simple heart with flower petals or jewels to create a heavenly look.

Miniature baby couple

Aww so cute… This will be the first thing that will come out of everybody’s mouth by seeing this beautiful and creative tray. The babies holding the rings for you is the best thing you will see.

Movie theme ring tray

These trays do not require any description and introduction. You can always get your favorite movie themed tray and live the magical era. If you are a harry potter fan, your ring in a golden snitch ball will be a never seen before thing. For a Bollywood enthusiast, there are a hell lot of themes to choose from.

Well, you have done everything right for your special day. From rings to dress, everything seems perfect. Now when you are left with some time, consider spending it on a phenomenal tray design that will win over the people attending your big day.

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