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Remember boot cut bottoms that were trending in the ’20s? Nowadays, they appear swinging quite a lot again. In addition, a lot of previous time’s fashion is being replicated with a pinch of modernization. So, the summary is that every fashion tends to come back sooner or later. Especially 2019 is a year of comebacks and originalities. Jewelry is not something that is immaculate of this repetitious fashion bias. Therefore, all you need is to take your old jewelry box out of your wardrobe and get ready to gleam.

What are the must-have jewelry pieces of this time?
Well, it is an era of fusion jewelry. Jewelry designers, from time to time, come with innovation in existing or old fashioned ornaments. Nowadays, people fancy to have lightweight yet stylish jewelry pieces that are comfortable to wear and look astonishing. Some of the seasons must have jewelry pieces are characteristic earrings, stack bangles and earrings crafted with natural looking stones or pearls.

Ideas to rejuvenate your loved old jewelry pieces
You might have jewelry that was drifting when you bought it and you carried it a lot too. However, now you stare at it and think “I wish I could use it some more.” You don’t need to be upset about it. Here is how you can sport your old pieces in style.

Adding extensions
If you are a DIY lover, you might want to try these experiments. YouTube is full of these DIY videos currently. You can always take inspiration from there.

Use beaded or metal sequences to add some more charm to your actual bracelet. How about a double string necklace rather than an old single strand necklace? You can go for colored pearls or classic stones as the second strand to be attached to it. Old basic hoop earrings can be upgraded and redesigned into stylish pieces by hanging stones or pearls in between or the top of the hoop. You can also cover the hoop with colored thread if you like.

Stacking and layering
The latest trend of more and more approach is catching people’s attention widely. That means a single bracelet or necklace is not enough. Stack it as much as you like. Stack bangle that was a fashion trend years ago has made its comeback, and people have approved this blend of paste and precious.

Bead it right
You can rearrange your beaded jewelry in a new manner (this is the best thing about beaded jewelry perhaps.) Moreover, you can design your beaded jewelry in a completely different way. For example, you can string gemstone in between beads or a beautiful pendant in your beaded choker.

Clean them properly
Make sure you pay adequate attention to the cleaning of your jewelry. Be it is a precious metal piece or designer artificial jewelry, either require special care when it comes to the cleaning. It can keep your jewelry alive for a long time. You can clean your jewelry at home, and it’s easier than you might think.

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