life cycle of a Diamond

Everyone used to think that natural diamonds look equally attractive as the diamonds engraved in their jewellery. Basically, they have made an image of it as a sparkling piece of stone. But little did they know that the sparkle and beauty of a diamond do not come naturally. Sparkly and attractive diamonds are man-made as they become like that after a proper procedure. If you see a natural diamond, you will get to know that they look like a normal piece of stone and unattractive too.

How are Diamonds Polished?

diamond polishing

A great amount of knowledge, expertise, and most crucially, state of the art equipment is utilized to modify the original stone into a refined, sparkling gem. First, the piece of rough stone is checked by a computer for what shape and cut would make the diamond’s appearance most attractive. There are various ways that can help you know about how to cut the diamond without wasting any diamond. Diamond cutters try their best to cut as little pieces of diamond as possible. After cutting procedure, the stone is placed on equipment known as a polishing wheel. This equipment has a big stone disc with a layer of solidified diamond dust around it which rotates and sands down the diamonds in a small blowout.

Cutting and Polishing Process

diamond cutting

A diamond is checked according to the 4 Cs which are color, clarity, carat, and cut. Nature decides about the first three elements, for most of its part. The clarity and cut can just make it naturally better by cutting the diamonds in a suitable way. Almost every time it is preferable to keep a stone as near to its natural size as possible. You all must have known about it that the cut of the diamond is always completely man-made. There is a lot of pressure for those who refine the natural diamond into a shiny diamond piece. If the stone is unique, the pressure grows more on them. When a natural diamond comes from the mines into the laboratory, it is analyzed entirely and then certain cut and size are decided. Once the previously mentioned procedure is completed, the computer and the machines take the charge.

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