perfect engagement ring stack

Mostly ring lovers always have a ring collection for their perfect engagement ring stack. And people who have a serious obsession for diamond jewellery are always seen buying new diamond pendants, rings, nose rings, etc. They always search for new trends and opt for their jewellery according to that. Nowadays, jewellery lovers are obsessing over making a ring stack by wearing midi rings, eternity ring, stacking band, etc. But just wearing these rings will make your hands look gorgeous? No, it won’t because they should be worn in a proper manner.

Here are some tips to help you all styling your hands:

  1. Combination of Metals

If you are confused about the combination of metals, go for an all-yellow, white gold, or rose stack as they always look stunning. If you are willing to combine more than one metal to take your fashion to the next level, then do not choose more than two metals. Select a superior color and then include two or three pieces of your other metal color in every part of your stack.

  1. Say No to Messy Look

You don’t want to add too much of diamond stack rings and include all of your four fingers at the same time. It is because piling up many rings will make your hand look from gorgeous to messy really quick. So, leave at least one finger bare to form a neater and balanced look. Prefer to leave your thumb or pinky bare for a trendy look.

  1. Different weights and shapes

The best way to balance your diamond ring stack is to combine different types of weights and shapes. For instance, go for chain rings, thick bands, eternity bands, etc. Take a note, mix relatively simple stack rings if you are adding a statement diamond ring. This will surely beautify your hands.

Create a Perfect Combo

Diamond Statement Rings

This is a perfect ring, to begin with, because it is the main center of attraction in your perfect engagement ring stack. A statement ring is a gorgeous ring which is worn in the ring finger, mainly, it is a beautiful diamond engagement ring. If you wear an engagement ring which is oversized, make sure you balance it with thin stack rings and this way, the design won’t look heavy.

Diamond Midi Rings

Adding midi rings to your combination is the most amazing part as they have the highest contribution in making it a perfect engagement ring stack. These are tiny-sized rings and are best suited on the middle finger, balancing out your entire look. Finding the correct size can be a bit challenging, but midi rings are usually of three or smaller size.

Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond eternity bands are the most wanted among women as they look dreamy. There are so many varieties of diamond eternity bands available in the market. If you are really willing to make a fashion statement, then add two or three rings on one finger.

Gold Stacking Rings

Stacking rings are very important as they complete the whole look. For a perfect engagement ring stack, opting solid gold bands that you can keep for years are essential. If you want to make the ring stack more interesting, then mix and match a few sleek bands with textured choices. You can wear a beaded, hammered, or twisted gold stacking ring alone on the thumb or on either side of a diamond eternity band to make it look enticing.

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