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Trends change simultaneously with passing years and every year brings out a unique or sometimes repetitive diamond trend with it. This year, i.e. 2019 bought a bold trend of diamonds that is the retro style. Diamond designers are concentrating on making new and creative retro designs by reviving the old trend. Whether it’s the latest diamond shape, long diamond earrings or tri-stone engagement ring, this year is surely the year to be reckless and unique.

Here are some of the latest diamond trends that we have seen in this year so far:

Tri-Stone Diamond Rings

Diamond rings that include 3 stones – a bigger center stone flanked by 2 smaller stones – are all the craze at the instant. The noblewoman of Sussex’s band is one amongst the explanations and that’s why this look sets standard. The Duchess’s ring options a middle diamond sourced from the Republic of Botswana, with 2 smaller diamonds on either facet taken from the gathering of the late Princess Diana.

There are variations to the three-stone look, together with the mix of a colored gem flanked by white diamonds. Also, there’s the choice to use a natural diamond stone on the main center, whereas saving prices by exploitation lab-grown diamonds as the secondary diamonds. With 3 stones, you’ve positively got additional space to individualise your style (and budget).

Long Diamond Earrings

This trend was already noticeable last year; however, it’s continued to make momentum in 2019. Large, daring or statement earrings that flip heads are extremely popular. There is a good variety of designs, like long, shoulder-grazing chandeliers, huge hoops, giant mismatched jewelry designs, and even earrings that are mismatched in size. This new diamond jewellery trend may be a real rule breaker, giving daring jewelry designers the liberty to make really unbelievable sculptural designs.

Fancy and different shaped Diamonds

As diamond cutting technologies get extra advanced, and designers get extra daring, new fancy shapes are showing on the market and that they are inflicting quite stir. Whereas the spherical sensible is often a classic favorite, fancy formed diamonds are standard, significantly for those trying to find a unique diamond vibration.

On the far side the flamboyant diamond shapes that are acquainted with the market, like patrician, oval, emerald and even heart shapes, there are very completely different cuts and shapes stoning up from time to time. For instance, look into this ‘half-moon’ shape from designer Selin Kent. Also, some designers are exploitation diamonds in inventive ways in which to make new visual excitement.

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