Latest Diamond Nose Pin Designs

Diamond jewelry is something that satisfies the aesthetic requirements of traditional people, and fashion requirements of modern people. The magnificence of this precious gem makes it widely popular around the world. Regardless of any sort of jewelry, diamond has always ruled over the jewelry market. One of such exceptional accessory is nose pin, which is basically known for its emotional value in Indian culture. However, it is increasingly adored by the world as a fashion statement. We have listed some diamond nose pin designs here.

Traditionally, nose pin is supposed to be pierced in left nostril. There are different cultures that promote wearing nose pin in both nostrils, and sometimes even in the nasal septum. Nonetheless, today, it is a fashion trend to wear a nose pin.

Diamond nose pins have a variety of designs and styles, and these work adequately with numerous metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and so on. Moreover, the combinations with other gemstones make the collection of nose pins almost infinite. These little accessories alone are capable enough to provide you a unique appearance. Below are some pleasant and breathtaking diamond nose pin designs.

8 Latest Diamond Nose Pin Designs

Diamond nose pin with sapphire – This beautiful nose pin is made of pure gold with an embellishment of six tiny diamonds in circular shape revolving around the blue sapphire. The inverse design with six sapphires circling the diamond looks equally tremendous. The rose gold variant of the same is also available.

Handmade nose pins – These nose accessories consist of 6 diamonds rolling around the design. This style matches all types of outfits. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for trend lovers.

Delicate adjustable diamond nose pinsFirst of all, the adjustable design makes this Nose pin a must have. Secondly, the delicate design with a single diamond or combination of diamonds is classic yet stylish.

Solitaire diamond nose pins – This is an intimate piece with diamond studded on the exposed edge. You can get this classic piece in a variety of metals from yellow gold to platinum. Simply a head turner!

Gold diamond heart nose pin – If nose pins are a fashion statement for you, this stunning design will not fail you. The beautiful heart shape in precious metal studded with a glittery diamond will give you an extra sparkle to shine.

The triangle one – Diamond crafted in a gold triangle shape makes this nose pin an absolute stunner. Go for it to get an ultra-chic look.

Floral pattern nose pin – This Nose pin consists of an adorable and precious metal flower with a centralized diamond. This cutesy accessory is exceptional for all types of everyday wear.

Antique style nose pinIf nose accessory means more than just the sake of beauty and style to you, this stylish yet decent piece is an unbeatable choice. These pins are designed and inspired by the ancient designs of the timeless era when nose pins came to existence.

Nose pin used to be a part of Indian accessories only; however, this tiny piece of beauty is now appreciated around the world. Celebrities like Lauren Jauregui and Demi Lovato have given a boom to the popularity of this contemporary jewel.

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