kundan jewellery

Kundan is well-known traditional gemstone jewellery. The enticing art of Kundan jewellery is known to be originated from the kingdoms of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Kundan is a Hindi word which means extremely purified gold. The city of Jaipur which is located in Rajasthan is famous for making the most outstanding Kundan jewellery. During the Mughal era, the kundan jewellery was highly used by the royalties.

Gold was the primary material which was used in making Kundan jewellery for the royalties of Rajasthan. Although, as time passes by, silver kundan jewellery became a thing and it is highly loved by all the common people of the country. As you all know that to make kundan jewellery, silver and gold are commonly used in it, but besides that other different colored precious stones also has the contribution in making it look attractive and charming. Stone such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds and stones which features white color are used in Kundan jewellery.

Wearing Kundan jewellery

These days, Kundan has become one of the classiest jewellery among people. It is worn by esteemed people across the world as well. It is the pure definition of class, richness, and courtesy. These jewellery are usually worn for big occasions because of their expensive cost. Women who want to stand out of the crowd used to prefer wearing Kundan jewelry as it complements their look by making it more alluring.

Many renowned actresses including Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Chauhan have also worn kundan jewelry to their big events. This proves that this jewellery is one of the most mesmerizing and lavish jewellery. These artistic jewellery has been modified with the passing times and that’s why they are still one of the most-wanted jewellery among women. It truly is timeless jewellery which will always stay on trends forever.

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