Know the Magnificent Emerald

Emerald is a gem, known for its amazing, fresh, and lively lush green hue that soothes our eyes and soul. It is an expensive gemstone that captures people’s hearts by its striking allure. Although emerald is not the only gemstone with green color, there also are other green gems like Peridot and tourmaline. However, the richest green color and lushest panoramas are associated with emerald only. Emerald is said to be linked to planet Venus that is known as the Goddess of love. Therefore, it is believed to be worn for bringing affection and prosperity in life. Moreover, the green color is known to relieve stress from your mind and strain from your eyes. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the knowledge of this captivating gemstone.

History associated with emerald

The name “Emerald” is originated from an ancient Greek word “Smaragdus” which means green. They say that Cleopatra had a passion for emeralds, and she used it in her royal ornaments. If legends are believed, emerald was one of the four precious stones given by God to King Solomon. Emerald was first mined in Egypt in 1500BCE. India and Austria are said to be mining it since at least the 14th century CE. As of now, Colombia is the greatest producer of this gemstone. 50 to 95% of the world production is currently contributed by Colombia only.

Noteworthy benefits of wearing emerald

Emerald is famous by the name “Panna” in India. According to the astrology, this gem is associated with Lord Buddha and planet Mercury. Therefore, people encountering problems due to weak mercury conditions are advised to wear emerald. It helps them to come out from the inferior effects of mercury.

Emerald also helps in bringing peace and harmony to a married couple’s life. It develops the understanding and unity between family.

It is considered to be a gemstone with the powers to hold money. If you have issues in retaining wealth, emerald is a gem for you.

Emerald also increases the concentration power of individuals. Hence, it is beneficial for people who are not able to concentrate on their studies or work.

The gemstone has been seen as an image of trust, affection, and serenity.

It also contains healing power within. It is one of those gemstones, that are known to help from recovering skin, heart, and blood-related health issues.

It is known to be enhancing the quality of reasoning and spirituality.

People suffering from adverse effects of evil spirits and nightmares are benefited by wearing emerald. It helps to bring peace of mind to the wearer.

This gem carries mystical powers of bringing good fortune and wisdom to the one wearing it.

Some of the diseases that can be cured by emerald are insomnia, asthma, amnesia, ulcer, and cardiac problems.

Emerald is also known to be advantageous in professional life. People working in fields like science, medicine, teaching, architecture, writing, real estate, and astrology can outperform in their respective field by wearing an emerald.

Birthstone for May born

Emerald is a birthstone for May born. It represents growth, youth, and intelligence. Besides being rarer and valuable than other gemstones, emerald is known for the joy and prosperity it brings to the wearer’s life. This gem holds importance in numerous cultures for varied reasons. Emerald as a gemstone, has been a staple of the jewelry industry for a long time. May born people can reap benefits by wearing this gemstone as a ring, pendant, or any other form of jewelry.

When to gift an emerald?

Honestly, there is no specific time to refer as perfect for gifting jewelry. However, when it comes to emerald, it is considered to be the best and auspicious gift for the 20th, 35th and 55th wedding anniversary or 20th birthday (Because this gemstone represents a 20-years mark). Emerald represents the inseparable strength of your relationship, bond, and commitment. You can also gift this gem on birthdays of May born people as it is a birthstone for them.

You can choose from a wide variety of emerald jewelry available in the market to gift your loved one. A perfect way to celebrate your enduring love.

Some interesting facts about emerald

Interestingly, a one-carat emerald appears larger than a one-carat diamond because Emerald is a lower density gem.

The lovely green color in the gem is caused by the amount of chromium or vanadium present in it.

According to Christian beliefs, emerald is associated with the devil of medieval times, Lucifer.

Emerald’s value is determined by its color. A deeply transparent emerald with a color shade not too dark or too light is greatly expensive and valuable.

The oldest emerald found is said to be more than 2.97 billion years old.

For centuries, this gem was believed to be useful for improving intuitions and prevent memory loss.

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