all you need to know about a promise ring

The name given to this ring is perfectly harmonized with the meaning of it. The promise ring is a beautiful expression of passion and dedication between a couple. Generally, this symbolizes the promise to become engaged in the future and can be exchanged at any time. These charming and meaningful circles have a wide range of styles from classic diamonds to precious metal knots. All you need to do is to choose the design that speaks about your marvelous love story.

What is a promise ring?

These rings can be defined as pre-engagement rings. A promise ring is something that you give to the love of your life before the engagement, and make a promise to be devoted to one another always. However, the meaning of these rings is different for different couples. Regardless of what a promise ring means to you, it shows your unlimited love for your partner.

Which finger should bear the promise ring?

A promise ring can be carried in any finger on either hand. However, most people prefer to wear it on the right hand’s ring finger since wearing it in the left hand’s ring finger can confuse it with an engagement ring. Unlike the engagement ring, a promise ring can be gifted by just one person or can be exchanged between both of them.

Does it look different from an engagement ring?

Promise rings come in a variety of designs, metals, and gem settings. Nonetheless, these rings are always less exorbitant and more petite than an engagement ring. Some promise rings are made of only metals such as silver, gold, platinum while some feature a range of precious gemstones. Generally, these gems are smaller and less noticeable than the gemstones you’d find in an engagement ring, with a subtler appearance. A promise ring does not require to be mountainously expensive because all that matters is the promise that you exchange with it, not the price.

When to give?

To a relief, there are no rules for giving a promise to your partner. They can be exchanged at any point in your relationship. Nonetheless, if you want the occasion to be special, you can decide to gift it on your Dating anniversary, birthday or valentine’s day. To add some more romantic vibes to the moment, you can exchange your sentiments and feelings about what the ring means to you and what do you expect in exchange.

To recapitulate, promise rings are a visible indication of your commitment to the relationship regardless of what the future holds in its lap.

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