Know About The Lab Created Diamond

What is a lab created diamond?

Lab created diamonds are a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and excellent alternative to natural diamonds. They are not fake as they have all the exact physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond. They sometimes are referred to as “Synthetic” which is an inaccurate term for lab-diamonds since they are not fake.

Here is some information that would be useful for you if you are having a thought (Positive, neutral, or negative) about lab-grown diamonds.

The creation process

Natural diamond- Ever wondered how natural diamonds are formed? Well, you have to understand this first as we moved to the lab-created diamond making process later. Deep beneath the earth’s surface carbon having a natural crystal structure, is transformed into diamonds. Extremely high pressure and high temperature are responsible for the process to complete. It takes a long period of times (sometimes billions of years)for a carbon piece to convert into a precious diamond.

Lab created diamond– lab made diamonds also require the same conditions as the natural diamond to be made. They are created in a laboratory from carbon under the exact but artificial conditions. First, carbon is extracted from remains and then it is exposed to extremely high pressure and high temperature just like the natural diamond process. Thus, we get our lab created diamond. Lab-created diamond is also known as Cultured, Cultivated, lab-made, lab-created diamond.

Certification and grading

The lab created diamonds are certified and graded the same way as natural mined diamonds are done. The certified gem labs grade these using the 4C’s (Cut, clarity, color, and carat). Some big names in diamonds certification labs are GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute), AGS (American Gem Society), and GSI (Gemological Science International). The grading process and measures are almost same for all labs.

Benefits of lab-created or lab-grown diamond

The price– Although lab created diamonds are not inexpensive, the price of them tends to be less than a mined diamond. The high price of mined diamonds is caused by the long supply chain. From raw to retail ready form it has to pass through the hands of the miners, distributers, cutters, polishers, jewelry manufacturers, and retailers. On the other side, the supply chain of lab diamonds is much shorter, making it less costly. Therefore, Lab created diamond is a cost effective alternative to the mined one.

Ethically generated– Until the Kimberly process implemented in the year 2003, there used to be unethical production practices used in diamond mining that were funding violence and exploiting miners. However, 99.9% of natural diamonds now are estimated to be conflict-free. Lab created diamonds are far from any type of conflicts, and they provide you with assurance in the origin of your diamond.

Echo friendly– Mining has significantly menacing effects on the environment. Digging the earth deep down can cause misbalance in the ecosystem around us. Creating a diamond in a lab is comparatively less damaging to the environment as it requires less energy than mining.

Is lab made diamond a real diamond?

If you are familiar with the term ‘lab grown diamonds’, you might have a question jumping in your mind that is “Are lab-created diamonds real diamonds?” It is a common misconception about lab made diamonds that they are not actually real diamonds. To clear the clouds, lab made diamonds are definitely real diamonds. Be it the appearance, properties, or composition they are exactly the same. You can never tell a difference between lab grown and natural diamonds. The only thing that makes lab created diamond different than natural is its origin. However, to create a lab grown gem, the cutting edge technology is used which is exactly the same as the natural diamond growing process. This procedure ensures that the man created diamond is physically, chemically, and optically the same as the one mined from the earth.

Simulated diamonds VS Lab grown diamonds

Simulated diamonds are also known as artificial diamonds. People often confuse between simulated and lab-created diamonds. However, lab-created diamonds are real diamonds and simulated diamonds are fake artificial stones. Moissanite, YAG and cubic zirconia are simulated diamonds. Such diamonds look identical to real ones in appearance but do not have the same composition as real diamonds. Whereas, Lab generated diamonds have exact same physical, optical, and chemical properties as real.

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