indian gold diamond necklace

The obsession that Indians have with gold or gold jewelry, is known to everyone. Gold tend to give a luxurious pleasing feel that other metals cannot match and it is the most used metal in India when it comes to jewelry. The necklace has always been an inseparable and integral part of an Indian woman jewelry box. The history of Indian jewelry is ancient and so is the antiquity of Indian gold diamond necklace.

From fascinating heavy wedding necklace to every day’s work wear, a plethora of varieties available in gold diamond necklaces. The most admired types of Gold and diamond necklaces are classified as heavy and lightweight necklaces.

Heavy Gold Diamond necklaces

Heavy Gold diamond necklaces are primarily used on weddings or other big events in India. This beautiful and glittering jewel make the bride look astonishing on her special day. Shimmering diamonds perfectly crafted in the designer gold base give the neckpiece a royal effect and is most suited for the cherish worthy occasions, such as a wedding. This ornament completes your festive look. A heavy necklace has a classic broad gold design in the front with diamond details in it. These come in different variations, such as choker necklaces and weddings neckpieces.

Light Gold Diamond necklaces

These necklaces are one of the best options if you are a gold lover and wish to wear gold regularly. The single strand gold chains with diamond or diamond crafted gold pendants in the center of it make it a perfect accessory for everyday use. It definitely spices up your dreary office dress. This necklace can be worn with any attire to provide it an outstanding look just like that.

Indian jewelry nowadays is substantially inspired by fashion a lot. Indian Gold Diamond Necklace are not untouched by it too. We can see a new design every day. These days’ women prefer to wear jewelry which is simple yet fashionable. However, it depends on the purpose of an occasion.

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