How to Prevent Diamond from Falling off Your Ring

Diamonds engagement rings or wedding rings cost you almost a fortune. Therefore, a missing diamond from your ring is a nightmare for everyone. It is quite common and easy to lose a diamond from the ring without even realizing. There could be a lot of reasons to fall off the diamond from a ring. Here is what all you can do to prevent your diamond from losing off and make your diamond ring indeed enduring.

Reasons for loose diamonds in the ring?

Several reasons may result in losing or falling off the diamond. Let’s find out why we tend to lose our beloved diamond from rings.

Strong unavoidable bump

There is no doubt in the fact that diamond is the hardest gem found on earth. However, it can be chipped or broken if comes in contact with a strong blow. Therefore, avoid wearing your diamond ring to any of such places where rapid hand movements are required.

Improper setting

Choose the appropriate setting as per the diamond shape in your ring. It’s always better to consult a professional jeweler before settling for a setting to hold your diamond. Mostly, old and poor prongs and wrong settings lead your diamond to get dropped.

Use of harsh chemicals on the diamond

Chemicals can create flaws in the ring metal, which may result in loosening the prongs holding your rock. Beware! Your cosmetics also contain chemicals that might damage your engagement ring.

Weak glue

Glued diamonds are most likely to fall off the ring if the glue is debilitating. It is advised never try to put a separated diamond back to the ring using glue by yourself. Diamonds do not have required pores to stick on to the glue.


Aging is a factor that cannot be prevented. Over time, the diamond gets old and loosened in any setting.

How to avoid losing your diamonds from your ring?

Now when you have the idea about possible reasons for losing your diamonds, you can stop your diamonds from falling off by using a few smart tricks and taking some precautions.

Have a check on your ring regularly

This is the best way to ensure the security of your diamond. Go to a professional jeweler regularly to get the diamond ring checked under magnification and expertise. The cherry on the top is that most of the jewelers do not even charge for this process.

Keep it clean

Dirt can also be a reason for your diamond to be loosened in your ring. Ensure to clean it periodically. There are numerous ways to clean the diamond rings at home. Moreover, you can go to a jeweler for professional cleaning.

Resizing and fixing

Surprisingly, resizing can also prevent your diamond from falling off the ring. As a part of this process, Jewelers professionally check your ring and make sure all prongs are sturdy enough and the diamond is secured.

On the other hand, if you have identified that the diamond is loose in your wedding ring or engagement ring, do not be careless. Rush to a professional jeweler and get it fixed before you regret it. Do not wear the ring once you are in a doubt about whether the diamond is firm or not.

Engagement rings or wedding rings are special, and what makes them more close to your heart is the diamond. With a few precautionary acts, you can make your endearing diamond even more enduring.

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