how to pick the vintage engagement ring of your dreams

If you are out shopping for vintage engagement rings that you are bound to get confused. It’s particularly hard to find the ring of your dreams when you are out shopping for your engagement but feminine rings are quite in fashion.

You may be wondering how to buy the ring of your dreams that will leave your fiancé asking for more. But it’s easier said than done since there are way too many designs available in the market. You may not have enough time to go through all the designs or figure out which one suits you the most. It’s possible that you may be looking for a unique design and wondering where to get one. But it’s possible to get the ring of your dreams once you figure out which kind of design you want for your fiancé. Here are the types of designs that you can choose from:

Victorian Era Ring Designs

Bright designs like birds, hearts, etc led the Victorian Era ring designs. When Prince Albert and Queen Victoria were in love, bright designs led the style of the ring but later after Prince Albert’s death, Queen entered the period of grief and that’s when the designs became a little bit darker. Victorian Era ring designs also had designed with sapphires and other gems to make the ring look unique.

Edwardian Era Ring Designs

The Edwardian Era Ring design is all about grace and lightness of the jewelry. Best known for its filigree designs, Edwardian era ring designs looked a bit feathery or lacey in design.

Diamonds with platinum and pearls were widely used in vintage Edwardian era ring designs.

Art Deco Ring Designs

Art Deco ring designs were all about sharper and bolder designs. Mostly sold with platinum and gold, Art Deco Ring Designs were more middle class friendly with diamonds.

Diamonds are indeed a woman’s best friends so you don’t want to make a mistake when choosing the perfect vintage engagement ring for your fiancé.

Choose from the above given designs and styles and you won’t make a mistake picking the right ring for your fiancé.

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