Perfect jewelry piece for your sister on this Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is one of the auspicious festivals in India. An occasion for sister to pray for her brother’s happy and prosperous life. Brother in return, presents his sister, excellent gifts from a variety of different items of her choices. Nowadays, sending and receiving rakhi and gifts to your sibling has become way more apparent all thanks to technological advancement. Your sister might not be demanding but trust me some part of her heart surely expects a Rakhi gift from her brother. Therefore, choosing a gift can be a great responsibility and a drooping task for you.

It is a widely admitted fact that women love jewelry especially when it is a gifted ornament. Furthermore, if the gift is coming from her brother, it automatically holds sentimental values and the meaning becomes more significant. Jewelry unfolds a way to a number of choices for gift items. You can gift your lovely sister a delicate necklace, a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, a sparkling anklet, a designer bracelet or even a pretty ring. You will be delighted to see the wide smile on her face while unveiling the present received by you. Now the troublesome part is that the more choices you have, the more confused you are. Correct?

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi in 2019:- Thursday, 15 August

Jewelry Ideas for your Sister

Let’s look at some points that might help you in deciding.

Identify the style

Different women have a different sense of style. Some prefer to experiment with accessories, some love heavy looking ornaments, and some might adore to keep it simplistic. You must know what kind of jewelry your sister likes? is she is an ethnic diva or a fashionable modern girl? She might be the one with a stack of bangles or bracelets or the one with fine sleek bracelets. If she loves earrings, what is her type? Danglers, hoops or studs?

These points will help you in filtering your search in order to reach a specific jewelry type. If your sister is working where she has a strict dress code policy, you have an option to gift her studs or small hoop earrings.

Ensure what will suit her

Not every type of jewelry complements everyone. That is why we have a plethora of varieties in jewelry. Choose a piece that is perfectly suited to her face and body structure. It would be a tricky task for you to find out; hence, let me give you some ideas.

Chokers do not suit on girls/women with a short neck. A long necklace or a chain with a pendant is ideal for her if she has a short neck.

Studs could be unnoticed on tall women. Go for danglers or suspenders instead.

Fine bracelets are perfect for short women. Similarly, heavy detailed bangles or bracelets look great on tall women.

It can be very difficult to calculate the size if you want to buy her a bangle or bracelet. Openable clasps bangles or adjustable links length bracelets are a lifesaver for such situations.

Gem it up with her choice

Think of her favorite shade in gemstones. There might be a distinct gem of her choices, for example, diamond, ruby or sapphire. You can also count on birthstone since birthstone studded jewelry is an incomparable gift for such occasions. You can buy a pendant, earrings or a ring, crafted with her birthstone.

Make it special

It is a well-said phrase that the value of a gift cannot be measured on the scale of price but the emotions attached to it. Unquestionably, the gift you are giving her should be special and unique just like your relationship; however, it does not mean that you need to spend a fortune on it. Do not buy something that is expensive enough to tear your pocket, present her something to treasure for the lifetime. Remember, gifts are all about the love that needs to be expressed.

You can be demented for sure while buying her a piece of jewelry. No matter how impressive is the first design you like, buy something you are sure your sister will like. Ultimately, she should not be obliged to wear it only because you gave it to her.

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