halo diamond rings diamond ring with diamonds around it

Diamond rings have been topmost desirable ring models for both men and women. They still are and will always be. From proposal to engagement and wedding, diamond rings rule every occasion. A diamond ring with a solitaire mounted on the top of it and small diamonds perfectly crafted in the rest of hoop around the solitaire looks breathtakingly gorgeous. These rings are commonly known as Halo Diamond Rings. The reason behind calling it a halo ring is the glittering diamonds around the prime stone give it a halo effect and make the centered gem appear bigger than its actual size.

Halo Diamond Ring Variants

These rings come in three different variants – single halo, double halo, and triple halo rings.

Single halo rings

These are rings with a centered diamond and a single band of smaller-cut diamonds around it. If you are looking for something with unique and antique appearance, it is going to be the right choice for you.

Double halo rings

Since the name itself clears it all, double halo rings are rings with dual-band of smaller-cut diamond around the centre stone. These rings are the perfect choice for people who do not want to have a much bigger diamond or do not have a fancy budget for it but still want more sparkle in their ring. These rings are a great blend of simplicity and twinkle.

Triple halo rings

triple halo rings are especially designed for people who do not wish to spend much on centre diamond; however, love to have paramount flash. Center stones in these rings are usually smaller yet the ring seems to be bigger and glittery. Reason being the three bands of smaller-cut diamonds beautifully crafted around it.

You can go for an experiment with the ring as you can use a different color center diamond or customized the halo bands in different color small diamonds. There is also a scope to choose from the type of metal based on your choice. The most admired metals for halo rings are rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. If you are a flicker lover, maximize the beauty of your halo ring with a pave diamond rings and stand out of the crowd.

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