Shank is the most vulnerable part of your ring. Over time the shank gets fragile and thin causing the ring to break. You should immediately go for the re-shanking of your ring as soon as you realize that the shank has started losing its width. Re-shanking is a great way to increase your favorite ring’s life.

Shank is a part of a ring that goes around your finger from the ring mounting to the bottom. The thinner the shank gets, the more easily it breaks, bends, and cracks. On the other hand, thick shanks are stronger, which is necessary as they have to support the crown portion (or top part of your ring with the design and gemstones) of your ring.

Re-Shanking Your Thin or Cracked Shank

The re-shanking process of a ring is not as complicated as it sounds. The old or damaged shank is cut away from the ring, and a wider band is soldered into its place. It also invites possibilities for you to redesign your ring. You can get a designer band (or a part of it, as per the damage) attached to your ring that meets your strength and fashion requirements altogether.

How Much Does theRe-Shanking Cost?

The cost of re-shanking depends on the ring as every ring is different. The metal, design, and breadth of the band decide the total cost. Some rings have engraved designs that need to be replicated in the new shank or part of the shank. Whereas, some rings only require a tiny part of the band to be changed or fixed. To recapitulate, it costs you a decent amount depending on the work and metal needed for the re-shanking process but not more than the emotions attached to the ring.

Is it Worth Re-Shanking Your Thin Ring?

Sometimes, it does not make economic sense to re-shank an old and worn out ring. However, there are values attached to it that make it worthy of rejuvenation. For example, heirloom rings stand for the continuity of a family. It reminds you of your home, the love and support of your family even when you are far away from them. Similarly, engagement or wedding rings are a reminder of a couple’s enduring love.

Re-Shanking Can Give New Life to Your Older Ring

You will always have the option of buying a new ring if your ring is damaged or broken; however, there might have some memories and emotions attached to it that you do not want to leave away. Re-shanking helps you out in keeping the memories alive with your beloved ring.

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