gift your partner diamonds before engagement

People often have this misconception of diamond jewellery being given first time only at the moment of the proposal. Yet they should know that diamond jewellery is of different forms. Therefore, you can gift them to your partner at any of the special day of their life such as birthday, your relationship anniversary, the day when they a milestone, etc.

Diamond jewellery is the one which represents your love to the one whom you gift them. And if you are confident about your love, you can gift it anytime or any day. A diamond does not assure to take your relationship forward on its own, however, it jewellery can show a desire for the same. It can even assure your partner that you are not ready to marry now, but you will do it one day, for sure. Many interesting and enticing jewellery pieces are been crafted nowadays to help you take your relationship ahead.


Diamond pendants are notably the perfect option for a first diamond gift. It’s not too loud and features simplicity. This means that it won’t be too spontaneous or create pressure on your partner. Also, it can go with any type of outfit.

Look for designer diamond pendant while keeping in mind your partner’s style. More fun pendants might have surreal designs, flowers, musical notes, animals or any other. So choose according to her preferences. For instance, if she is a musician, go for a note design pendant. Think creatively and keep it personal and watch her appreciating the gift.


Diamond stud earrings are equally versatile and simple. They are both fancy or simple at a similar time. Diamond drop earrings are a bit more ornate, however, some people like earrings which are unique. If you don’t feel like gifting that, then opt for diamond hoops. As these have more diamonds embellished in them and looks exceptionally gorgeous. Sometimes the diamonds can be set along with gemstones as well in a pair of diamond hoop earrings.


A diamond bracelet might show more seriousness for your relationship. It’s not a first-time gift, it is more kind of a birthday gift. If you don’t want to make it a big deal, then you can go for a simple bracelet with little diamonds engraved in it. Your partner will love it if her style is more modern. Therefore, bracelets are not much versatile as pendants and earrings.

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