one year anniversary diamond jewellery

One year anniversary is a very auspicious day for a newlywed couple. It’s a day when they celebrate one year of their togetherness and promise each other to stay with each other forever. As the day itself is very special, make it more special by gifting your beautiful wife a gorgeous & unique designer jewellery piece. Diamond pieces like bangles, earrings, pendant, necklace etc.

Diamond Ear Rings

Diamond earrings are like a wardrobe essential for women as they can wear them every day, whenever they want to. Choose the best diamond earrings for your love, while keeping in mind the cut, size and color you want to buy. Go for the diamond earrings which are trending and which will make her look elegant.

If you want to make your wife feel more special, then go for our Heer Package. As it has one added diamond earring set with three other gorgeous products:

Diamond Pendant

Diamond pendant is loved by every women because of its simple and elegant look. Some pendants have a single chain and some are fully ornate, but in both cases, they look gorgeous.

If you are looking for designer jewellery with simplicity than pendants are one of the best options for you. They are best suited for occasions like birthday, family function, events etc.

If you want to buy a full pendant set which has one added diamond nose pin with it, then go for our Senorita Package.

Diamond Rings with Gemstone

Look for diamond anniversary rings with beautiful gemstones. Gemstones should be of red or pink color as they are the colors of love.

Such type of designer rings will surely make your wife fall for you all over again. A ring with diamonds and gemstone both engraved in it has a perfect sparkle which your wife will surely adore.

Looking for these types of stunning ring? Check out our Double Ring Package.


Choose a beautiful diamond bangle for your lovely wife. Gifting her a fashion jewelry (bangles) will be a really sweet gesture to make her feel special on your anniversary day.

Look for a bangle which fits her style and your budget. Opt for a diamond bangle which is light in weight and has a beautiful shine in it.

Diamond Necklace

Gift your wife happiness in the form of a stunning diamond necklace. Look for a diamond necklace which your wife would want to keep for her whole life and which can be passed down to your children or grandchildren.

You can also check out our Juliet Package if you want to gift your wife a full package of diamond jewellery set.

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