Four Most Popular Types of Diamond Necklaces

Diamond is considered to be the best friend of a woman, and why not? Is there anything else that can make a woman feel on the seventh heaven? Probably not. Diamonds are undoubtedly precious stones distinguished by 4C’s namely cut, clarification, clarity, and carat. Well, diamond necklaces are something which every woman desires. Shimmery bright diamond neckpieces can be worn individually or accompanied by tremendously beautiful earrings. Either way diamond necklaces accentuate your neck and make everyone go drooling over it.

The diamonds necklaces are generally crafted in platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. A plethora of styles and designs are here to astound you while choosing a perfect piece for yourself or your loved ones. If you love to experiment, there are many teaming and buying options available. Since diamond necklaces can be worn with each type of attire from ethnic wear to evening gown, choices need to be made wisely while buying it. Here are four of the popular necklace designs to clear your confusion to some extent.

4 Popular Diamond Necklaces to Embrace your Personality

Fine design necklaces

Lightweight necklaces are the most admired jewelry as they can be worn with different types of clothes. The simple and elegant necklace is a must-have if you are a diamond lover. You can wear it regularly or experiment with it for a change, such as harmonizing it with other jewelry pieces (for example with diamond studs/earrings or bangles/bracelets)

Necklaces with mixed gems

The name explains it all. The mixed gems pieces are usually an outcome of collating different types of precious stones into a single strand centralized with a diamond. You can pick gems of your choices and get your blended set made at your jeweler if you cannot decide what to buy from the premade sets.

Heavy design necklaces

These enormous necklaces are specially designed for weddings. They are a must-have in every diamond lover bride’s jewelry collection. As the name explains itself, these necklaces are made of high-quality diamonds and designed very densely. No surprise, the price of such sets is pretty expensive.

Choker necklaces

Choker necklace is named to be one of the classic diamond jewelry. These necklaces look fascinating to anyone. Generally, the neckpiece has a heavy choker and multiple diamond strand layers attached to it in a perfectly managed pattern. Heavy necklaces in such sets include a chunky pair of earrings that make it a great pick for functions like marriage.

However, single strand or tennis neckpieces are extremely admired as a regular accessory among modern working women.

Apart from the above designs, there are numerous varieties available in diamond set designs. Uncut diamond set, antique diamond set, vintage set, jadau diamond set, polka set and abstract diamond necklace set are to name a few.

So wear silence and let your diamond necklace do the talking for you!

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