fashionable ways to wear nose pins

Nose Pins have been a crucial part of every woman’s life in Indian tradition for decades. There is a wide variety of Nose pin available in the market. Most of the women nowadays are willing to get their nose piercing done but aren’t sure about the varieties of style available in the market.

These days, fancy nose pins are in trends and most of the women are really following these trends. Previously, nose pins of gold, diamond, and silver were very famous. But now, these are mainly worn by women to complete one’s look and so different kinds of nose pins are available in various jewellery stores. Although, it’s not necessary to wear a particular kind of nose pin. So, we have collected a few nose pins to help you select the perfect nose pin for yourself.

Ways to Wear Nose Pins

Floral Nose Pin

Floral designs have always been known for its feminine look. That’s why it is the top style on our list. There are many choices available in the market.

Simple Nose Pin

If you are confused about which nose pin to choose from different options, choose a simple stud nose pin as it can go with everything.

Simple Hoops

Another nose pin with a simple yet cool design is a golden hoop. It appears gorgeous and it is an easy to use option as well.

Studded Hoops

If you are willing to make a fashion statement, then select a big studded hoop.

Studded Bali

If you don’t like a really big bali then you can look for a tiny one and a studded bali as well. As they are sophisticated and very beautiful. And the plus point is that they can go very well with ethnic attire.

Diamond Nose Pin

A diamond nose pin is an elegant pin which can be worn anywhere, anytime. Also, it suits every type of outfit.

Bridal Nose Pin

A bridal nose pin is a must to wear an accessory on the wedding day when it comes to Indian culture. Bigger the size of a bridal nose pin, better the look will get. Thus, wearing a nose pin is very significant for Indian brides. These are obtainable in varieties of gorgeous designs.

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