facts about blue sapphire

Sapphire is an attractive blue color precious gemstone with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale (a parameter to estimate the hardness of precious gems). It is one of the most deficient crystals found in different parts of the world. We as Indians, comprehend this alluring gem with many different names, such as Neelam, Indraneel, and Neelmani. It is acknowledged to be a gem of Shanidev (one of the powerful Graha according to Indian astrology) hence, it is also known as Shaniratra and Shanipriya.

Few Facts About Magnificent Blue Sapphire

Birthstone – This stone is generally known as the birthstone for Capricorn as well as a birthstone for the month of September. Therefore, Capricorns and September born can wear this gemstone to make their life financially, physically, and emotionally sound, and ensure good fortune and optimism. Moreover, this is profoundly recommended by astrologers to wear, during the major period of Saturn.

Hardness – Sapphire is a solid gem. It is headed by diamond only when it comes to the hardness scale, standing on a 9.

Hue – It is assumed that the tincture of blue sapphire does not change in the artificial light.

Shades – This stone is found in various shades of blue from light blue to intense blue. It is a fascinating and delicate gemstone that is highly popular for jewelry among people.

Processing – It is interesting to know that when this stone is excavated from mines or volcano’s, it looks drab and dull. Therefore, after mining, it is sent to laboratories in order to polish its physical features. These treatments include heat and color meet-up.

Price – The price of blue sapphire is based on the different important aspects of it, such as size, color, transparency, cuts and number of inclusions. Based on these properties, the blue sapphire stone is classified into four types. Standard grade blue sapphire, fine quality blue sapphire, premium quality blue sapphire, and super-premium blue sapphire stones. The rate rises in ascending order from standard to super-premium quality.

Producers – India is one of the largest wholesalers of this exquisite gemstone, mostly dug in Kashmir. However, a great number of it comes from either Australia or from Thailand. The sapphire found in Kashmir is considered to be the finest quality sapphire. The other geographies where this gem is excavated are Russia, Burma, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Ceylon, Africa, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

Similar appearance to other gemstones – Blue sapphires are often confused with other similar looking gemstones such as Iolite, Blue Tourmaline and Blue Zircon. However, sapphire can be distinguished by its rich color, dimensional efficiency, splendid clarity, and amazing gleam.

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