After an exhausting hunt, you finally selected the perfect engagement ring for you, and you are absolutely in love with it. The thought of wearing it in your finger is exciting you, and you cannot wait to put it on anymore. However, the fear of losing or damaging it keeps bothering you.

Women nowadays have an extremely active and running lifestyle. Our hands are involved in different sort of activities throughout the day. Nobody wants to spend all the time worrying about the rings. Therefore, you need to make sure that you buy a ring that is not prone to breaking, chipping, or damaging during the wear.

We would like to suggest you the best engagement ring types perfect for your incredibly busy lifestyle so that you can cherish it for a lifetime.

Platinum setting ring

Without a doubt, platinum is the most durable precious metal that is why it is an irresistible choice for those with an active lifestyle. Although gold is one of the most popular and comparatively affordable metal choices for jewelry, it is less compatible with active women due to its softness. Platinum despite being a bit expensive is the recommended metal as it is the densest precious metal available.

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Bezel setting ring

Bezel setting protects the gemstone and keeps it firm and secure as compared to any other diamond settings. In a bezel setting, a thin band of precious metal encircles the gem’s outer girdle which gives the ring a modern appeal and gem security. No matter how beautiful they look, rings featuring prongs or high profile may not be the best for you if you have an active lifestyle. Prongs can be snagged on clothing or get damaged. A bezel setting also allows you to wear gloves without the hassles faced with prongs getting, which makes it a great setting for those who live in cold and freezing climates.

Channel setting ring

Rings having a channel setting features a continuous strip of gemstones that are secured between two metal stripes. This setting prevents stones from snagging or falling out by non-stop use. Moreover, the multiple diamonds make the ring undeniably gorgeous.

The above Engagement ring styles are some great alternatives for people who adore the sparkly look of an engagement ring but also desire for a ring that would not be lost or damaged easily. And would not be any interruption in their active lifestyle.

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